Saturday, October 13, 2007

Upper tard Luang High Flow- Lower gorge 1st D

-Some of the ants that got me!

After a couple of days rest and a day gettine lost and not finding a river we decided to head back to the Tard Luang to catch it after a couple of days rain and look at running the lower gorge. When we arrived it was easily a few feet higher and looked good for the lower gorge!

-Me on usually and narrow Slot drop

We slowley made it upstream and just as i we made it to the top i could feel something biting my arm. I was covered in Red ants and it was not nice to say the least. In a about a split second i had all my kit off and was all over the show trying to get rid of the ants!

-Lower Tard Luang Falls

After the ant ordeal we were off down the river again but this time dealing with holes waves and branches with a much healthier flow.

-Me in the top section

We made it down to the take out but with now a lot higher flow we decided to head into the lower gorge and out to the main road. A few drops in we came across and fast entry into a drop that folded down a wall.

-Me in the lower gorge getting right!

So long as you were right of the bit of bamboo and heading right then it would be all sweet. Everyone came out unscathed which was good. A few more drops of medium to small size and we were out in the open paddling along side a rice feild and out to the road bridge. We played paper, Sizzors, Rock to see who would go run the shuttle and Sam was it. Will and I sat on the road as the villagers passed and steered on at us wondering what we were doing there.


-Sam in the lower gorge

-The trusty shuttle vehicle at the take out

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Unknown said...

Sick! Looks like some beefier water for a change, nice pictures.