Monday, April 30, 2007


Here are a few photos of the wave where the world champs will be held on wednesday. It is a super big wave and a super hard tow-in from the bank.

Today there were about 40 people in the line in the eddy and it took 30minutes to get to the front of the line!
Team training is tomorrow at 1pm so we will get more of a chance to practice the tow-in and surfing this massive wave!
Very nice!

-Part of the lineup at BUS

-Opening Ceremony

Week 1 at world champs

Hey things here are starting to heat up as all 27 countries from round the world are here to battle it out on the 'bus eater' wave on the ottawa river. Last night was the opening ceremony here at Wilderness tours resort. With bagpipes blearing, all the competitors marched through the resort and over the main stage as each country was introduced to the audience. This was followed by a few speeches and a song and dance show native to canada.

Team NZ made up of brendan bayly, sam sutton, nik boyes, sean gerlach, jamie sutton, louise urwin and myself dressed up in our best.

The squirt boating starts today up the river further. The river has been at an record low levels so bus eater wave has not even been close to running but thanks to the power companies the river is on its way up. Ideal flows are 16feet and it has been at 9 all week.
Tomorrow is training day and bus eater will be flowing at 14 feet and comp day will be 15foot.
More photos and updates after training day tomorrow!
peace all

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

2007 tour begins

On the 22nd of april I boarded a plane in auckland on the start of a 6 month kayak and film trip throughout canada, usa, mexico and Papua New Guinea. After a 13hr flight to San Francisco I stayed in a motel before finishing the further 6hr flight to montreal. With a lot of persuasion via the mighty Credit card i managed to get my kayak on the plane(NEVER FLY AIR CANADA, THEY ARE BAD!) and made it to montreal. I met up with the swiss kayak team in the airport and we spent the night at the airport. at 1am in the morning i went and met up with brendan who had just arrived to montreal with his parents. Unfortunatly without all their baggage and 2 kayaks! LOST IN TRANSIT!

At 6am i caught a ride in a rental car with the swiss team to
Wilderness tours just west of ottawa where we would be staying
and competing in the competition. Brendan stayed behind to collect
his bags and try to find the kayaks. He arived here at dinner time today.
I have now been awake for about 48hours and sleep is much needed!
We have a small cabin by the river a small walk from the main complex.
Food is great and dishes get done for us! reminds me of home ahhhhhh.
Its great to see lots of familiar faces and catch up with people we met in nz
and on the 2006 tour.

I will post more info once we make it on the river for some training.
Oh the weather is not too bad but very chilly!
catch ya