Monday, April 30, 2007

Week 1 at world champs

Hey things here are starting to heat up as all 27 countries from round the world are here to battle it out on the 'bus eater' wave on the ottawa river. Last night was the opening ceremony here at Wilderness tours resort. With bagpipes blearing, all the competitors marched through the resort and over the main stage as each country was introduced to the audience. This was followed by a few speeches and a song and dance show native to canada.

Team NZ made up of brendan bayly, sam sutton, nik boyes, sean gerlach, jamie sutton, louise urwin and myself dressed up in our best.

The squirt boating starts today up the river further. The river has been at an record low levels so bus eater wave has not even been close to running but thanks to the power companies the river is on its way up. Ideal flows are 16feet and it has been at 9 all week.
Tomorrow is training day and bus eater will be flowing at 14 feet and comp day will be 15foot.
More photos and updates after training day tomorrow!
peace all

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Unknown said...

Hey bro your blog is the shit, i love the photos and the articles, go big on buss tomorow and get some meen photos, man i cant believe how crazy you guys are, that looks insane, i would die if i went there, keep representing the kiwis, keep it real bro.