Friday, June 24, 2011

Simon Davidson - Love ya bro!

-Simon up in Quebec this Spring - Always smiling, always thinking..

Friendship is a BIG thing, and its also a Million little things too! Simon Davidson was a big guy with a big smile and a big heart and his friendship to me was a BIG thing! This friendship was made up of a Million little things some we both physically knew about like our shared passion for kayaking, our general love of water, the odd dress up party etc and then there were the things underneath that are not talked about much like the huge amount of respect I had for him, how genuine he was when he asked how things were with my injury or life in general, how much I loved his smile, energy, passion, humor and these things needed not to be spoken to Simon as this is just what made him who he was but it was a Big thing for me to know! Then there are the things I am still learning about Simon that I cherish in our friendship! How he played the guitar and while I'm just starting he will motivate me to keep trying, and how much of a hole he has left within our community of friends that will never be filled! Simon you were taken from us too early and those millions of little things you brought to make my life and our friendship better should really have gone into the Billions. I will miss the kayaking with you, hanging out with you, chatting on Facebook about how epic both our missions were going and how great the reunion would be back in the falls. So now we must make that reunion some other day. Ill keep remembering you down here and you keep looking over me out there and someday when we have that reunion we can share stories and add to those Million things that made our friendship so amazing! Bro you will be missed so much! Thanks so much for everything that you gave me and the inspiration you have left me! You have made the world a better place and for that I know you have succeeded! See ya on the other side someday bro! ~Aroha Nui~

- A guy that made things good

"One of the steepest slides I have ever seen and paddled... and the most fun I have ever had in a kayak.. what a day....Round day ever!" - Simon davidson -

- Huka falls - Simon and his best mate Matt Burton's local drop! These 2 were a joy to be round!
- How we like to live, with our best buddies hanging out every day!

Simon Davidson - Love ya Bro