Saturday, January 2, 2010

The end of my years holidays! Bring on 2010

- Stitched photos of lake Taupo from where we had new years! - Photos Josh Neilson

So since Tree Trunk it was back to the Okawa bay for a few days then a sneaky Huka Falls run in before heading back to Hawkes Bay for Christmas in the sun with great food, drinks and family!

- Making a swing in the big tree for my mum - Photo Jenny Neilson

- New Years Day Dinner on the beach - Photo Josh Neilson

- Great way to see the 1st of Jan 2010 in! Taupo NZ - Photo Josh Neilson

After a few days it was time to get back out on the road looking for some more rivers to paddle! We headed back to central North for a few Kaituna runs and then Tyler and B hatched a plan to head south to the Mangawhero River which was said to be at a good flow to hit up some nice falls. With 2 cars loaded up we set off and about 3.5hrs later we made it only to find the gauge was far from correct and the river was a meer stream.

- Driving to the river - Photo Josh Neilson

- The Crew with the waterfall in the background...Low - Photo Josh Neilson

With closer inspection the main drop was definatly too low to run but we found a smaller one just up stream to hit up since we had driven so far. We all had sweet lines and B even stuck a sweet free wheel before Ryan took it to the next level and swam it.

- Brendan Bayly having a go - Photo Josh Neilson

-All the way from the building sites of OZ, Corey Kelly on the lip - Photo Josh Neilson

- The flying Fox - Photo Josh Neilson

- Ryan lucas forgets his kayaking gear but goes anyway - Photo Josh Neilson

After that we made our way home for some more laps on the Kaituna and then off to Taupo for New Year celebrations and a couple more Huka runs. Perfect weather meant lots of burnt bodies over the few days drinking and swimming in the lake!

- Breakfast banquet on the 2nd - Great times! - Photo Josh Neilson

Back in Okawa bay now finishing off some film stuff and then the reality of the much needed dolar sets in and its back to Hawkes Bay for me to get stuck into editing the film and back to earning for the next trip. We shal see how things go and keep coming back to see where 2010 takes me!