Thursday, November 13, 2008


Team NZ and the Nepali girl kayakers!

Holy Lodge, Kathmandu - sorting gear

With all our gear loaded on the plane and thousands of dollars of excess baggage snuck in under the maximum limit and we were off. Arriving in Kathmandu we re-gathered the 7 kayaks and hundreds of kgs of gear and headed to Holy Lodge, Kathmandu's kayaker hang out.
We have spent a few days sorting gear and the girls have been in the local pool here teaching the girls rolling and basic paddling skills. All the Nepali girls are super keen and motivated to get into it.

Radha in Kthmandu pool, Loving it!

Most of the Nepali girls in the pool

Learning the ropes!

Today I spent time searching for music for the film and went to check out a local temple.
We were supposed to leave for the Sun Kosi River this afternoon but a road block means we cant get there. We are hoping that the road opens in the morning and then we will be off.
there will not be many updates for a while as we will be putting on the Sun Kosi, 2.5 hrs south of Kathmandu, and will spend 10 days on the river almost to the Indian Border.
Check back soon!

Kathmandu from the monkey temple.

Emi at the Temple

Sunday, November 9, 2008

11~11~08 Nepal Expedition Begins

This morning marks the start point of a 28hr travel period to the start of the 'Nepali girls Kayak Expedition'. In 28 hrs we will be met at Kathmandu airport by hundreds of people wanting to carry bags, drive us the the best accomodation etc etc, but most importantly we will be met by someone carrying a paddle who will take us to our hostel. For a couple of days the trip will be sorting gear and buying extra gear needed before we head to the Sun Kosi to start the trip. I finally got insurance to cover all my cameras and that alone nearly broke the bank.
So from here there will be as many updates as i can possibly do with the internet and access situations but there will be some!
My filming starts today as I follow a group of NZ's best women kayakers and instructors on thier expedition to Nepal.
Check back soon!