Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Thailand First D no.8 Unknown

Since this was writen we have found out the name of this river on a new set of topographical maps we now have. These would have been very helpfull 5 weeks ago when we arrived and may have saved us some time but at least we have them for next time now
-Me checking the depth of the main drop = 2 foot into sand

So far on our mission in Northern Thailand Sam Ward, Will Clark and I have had a huge success in finding new rivers to paddle. This area is very unexplored in kayaking but there is HUGE potential as we have found out. Today we were a few days off being here for a month and have paddled 8 first descents, a 120km multi day and a cool rafting section. We have also had many much needed days off and have checked out a bunch of the areas amazing temples and scenry.

-Will catching some air

Last night we saw a sign sayin there was a waterfall 10km up a small road so we turned around and went to inspect. on the drive up we saw more than one waterfall and a very tempting gorge! The main waterfall at the top of the river was Tad Mork falls but we do not know the river name. Today we set off early to run the drops we had seen and enter into the deep gorge that was extreemly steep!

-Sam on the best drop on the run

At the top we found ourselves portaging a lot because it was mankly and sieved out. The drops we had seen from the road were absolutly un-paddlable and the top drop into the steep gorge was about 150 feet long and a recipe for broken boats and bones. The next drop down showed potential and we were finally running some cool water. From here down we got some classic drops and some more sieve infested rocky creeking.

-Me on the Main drop- About 2 feet deep

At the bottom we decided that there was some cool stuff paddled but will not be coming back to run this one. Anyone thinking of running this should be warned.. It is like paddling a creek through a rubbish dump as every tree, pool, rock and drop is covered in trash from villages above. Also the top section is manky and lots of trees and the bottom is the same. the middle section has some sweet drops and definalty worth doin once but again is definalty questionable.

-Me on the Last of the good stuff

Below Tad Mork Falls is a section still un run with a 200+ foot long granite slide and a few drops so keep it in the books and qeep an eye out to see if we get enough water while we are here to catch this one!

-Sam on the first of the good stuff

We are off to Burma tomorrow to renew our visas and then probably more sweet creeks.

Paddle safe


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