Saturday, October 13, 2007

Silaphect river- First Descent 4

-Me in the first gorge

On the 4th of october, after a day of getting lost and no success on rivers we made it to the Silaphect River about half an hour north of the tard luang where we had been 2 day before.

-Local Nan Province village
This river held two gorges that we could not completly scout from below which led us in with a bit of hesitation. We loaded up our kayaks and headed up a ridge that went up the river right into the mountains. A few times we caught glimpses of the river and drops below.
-Me in the bush walkin
After an hour of hiking the ridge closed in with bamboo and broken trees and we were forced down to the river bed. Two drops above us were chocked out so we put in and started toward gorge 1. With closer inspection there was a good line through with some classic drops and one beautiful drop that we had to portage due to a huge tree blocking the exit!

-Sam on a nice drop in second gorge

Gorge 2 was also managable and ended in a nice roll-in drop.
-Me exiting gorge 2

At the take out there were ladys in stalls cooking chicken and pork and eggs on sticks which was a great way to end another classic run!

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Skux said...

hey boi!!! look like ur ripping it up in the warmth and running the shit keep it up bro!