Saturday, October 13, 2007

Nam Wa 120km Multi day

-Nam Wa put in

To add some variey to our trip we decided to plan a trip on the Nam Wa river that runs north to south from near the Laos border. The normal section takes 3 days and is 80 km long. With a fit team and high water flows we dedcided to try make it a 2 day trip and add an extra 40kms on the the end of the trip by paddling through to the national park south of the take out.

-Sam in the action

We put on at 1pm on monday the 8th and paddled for 3 hours before stopping at a nice camping spot by the river. With a short day we knew we had to get up early and paddle about 100km the next day.

-Our Camp site by the river

After a mediocre sleep we put on the river at 6.30 am and started the missions out. Within 2 and a half hours plus the 3 hours the day before we had completed the 3 day section. From here the river slattened out a bit and we muscled our way out the further 40km by mid afternoon. This trip was great as we were right in the middle of a storm and in a beautiful jungle!

-Me on day 2

We passed many Bamboo rafts and fishermen on the banks who all had smiles for the uncommon plastic kayaks and a tired crew of farungs(white people) that pushed on through.

-A local Child giving us respect for being older, and a traditional greeting

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