Thursday, October 25, 2007

Border Run and Scouting far north of thailand

- Temple up Doi Setep

Last week we had been in thailand for 4 weeks and our Visas only allowed us in for that amount of time so we headed to burma to renew them. After a long night of celebrations for... something for sure, we loaded up the car and headed out about 4hours late. Sam and I took the car and Will stayed behind because he needed a new passport which hadnt arrived. Sam and i made it just in time to cross and got our new Visas. Will came the next day while Sam and I scouted out some creeks. We found one super deep gorge with no access and Huge gradient which we missed out on but will be back again one day for that. On the way home we checked out some more but found mainly super high falls or manky low volume ditches.
-Will and I below Kuhn Kahn Falls
-Sam and I below Kuhn Kahn Falls

-Chiang Mai at rush hour

Back in Chiang Mai we planned our final trip to Doi Intanon National park.

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