Saturday, October 13, 2007

North East Thailand- Tard Luang River

-Me on the Opening slide

On the 2nd of october we set of to the north eastern province of Nan to explore a mountainous region with hundereds of rivers where 80% of the land is on more than a 45degree angle.
We arrived late at night and stayed at the nan guest house. In the morning we talked to some locals who said they had seen some waterfalls about and hour north on the Tard Luang River. We loaded up the car and headed off with much excitement. At the river a local man waved us in and looked excited and pointed upstream.

-Will on the First slide

We had the boats off and the guy was excited to show us the way up the river. He kept going and going, knowing all the shortcuts and where the track crossed the river. Just when we thought it had flattened out he grabbed a paddle and urged us to folow higher. At the top he pointed upstream to a clean 40foot slide followed by a series of drops.

-Me on the slot drop

With cameras out we made our way down the river to the take out. At the second to last drop we saw our guide talking to men in camo with guns. We slowley approached and were not sure if we were accepted in their area. The man with the gun looked at me as i approached and let out a huge smile and cheered us on. After some team photos we made the take out and headed back to Nan for a much needed beer and dinner by the river.

-Me with the locals, our guide on the right

-Sam on the slot drop


Anonymous said...

Josh with a gun, that's a scary sight! Love that picture though, its awesome.

Anonymous said...

Hi Josh, so glad you rescued Will, keep paddling and keep safe.

Will's mum =Jan