Friday, October 26, 2007

Upper Mae Klang River- Final First D for Thailand trip

-Sam on Mae Klang slide

-Will on Mae Klang slide

The day after we paddled the Mae Pan I got one of my notorious migraines so i decided it would be silly to paddle and so I was film and photographer while the boys ran the road side section on the Mae Klang which we had been told about.

-Sam on the top drop

There were a bunch of cool slides and it was a good day rest for my head. While driving round in the park we checked out a higher section that Jason told us about which started at the base of Watchirithan Falls and goes to where the boys put in earlier on the Mae Klang. This looked good but we wanted more. We drove higher and found Siritan Waterfall which was a huge 80footer on to rocks. Below this the river dropped and was the section we were looking for. The next day with my head felling better we put on to run the whole river.

-Me on the lower drops
Drop after drop we made it down and a classy section it was. With a huge porgage round Watchirithan falls and back in right below.

-Will Below Watchirithan Falls

-Me below Watchirithan Falls

From here our first descent was over but classic water for sure. After many hours we took out at a small creek and hiked to the road. I met a family swimming in a pool and gave them my kayak to try. They loved it and were stoked. As they were leaving i asked if i could climb in the back of their ute and get a ride to the top about 12km up hill.

-Me and Thai boy

They were more than happy to and were insistant i tried their home brew whiskey while clinging on to the back for my life. At the top I was thankful we didnt have to run the shuttle and they were stoked to be able to help us out!

-The shuttle seat!!!

From here we loaded up the car and returned to our set up here in Chiang mai.

This was the last serious river for our trip and maybe a nice creek to finish with tomorrow before our journey by train to Bangkok then flight back to nz.

-Ice cream at the lower Mae Klang take out

It has been TOTALLY worth it. Thank you to all the people who have made this trip work out so well!!!!

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haha, that is unreal. How did you get into such a sport? That looks like a great rush.

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