Saturday, May 26, 2012

Three Rivers

- Kaweah down below - Photo Josh Neilson

Three Rivers is a small town that just one river flows through.  The Kaweah flows out of Sequoia National Park which is home to the worlds largest trees. The park is littered with huge monoliths, bears, mountain lions, foxes and much more! We stay in a little camp ground for $5 a night which had a few showers and a bunch of flat spots under oak trees to sleep the night! One of the forks is in the park so after paying the $20 to get in its just a short drive up the hill to the put in.  The first drop on the seldom run section is Chucks slide.  Sam and Chris fired it up before heading down stream.  The next section is V-slide and Little Niagara.  The tempo keeps up for a little longer with some tight slides before 'Cocaine Alley'.  Once you are through the alley you get to 420 gorge.  This holds a few tricky lines and a very tight gorge.  Unlike a lot of cali runs where you are sliding down granite this one holds some water and is cool to link some good boofs.  The crux section at the bottom is 'Zero to Sixty'.  I ran this a few years ago but it hasnt looked tempting since then.  The entry is fast and the exit is faster.  Everyone always asks about the cave and this year I heard that you can actually climb out of the cave but you have to remove your life jacket to do so! Stick left and avoid the cave is the best option though.
The takeout is passed a little swing bridge which is a great place to hang out and swim while others head up for another run.
I rallied a few days on this while the others went into East Kaweah.  I am getting a little tendonitis in my shoulder so back on the stretches etc to keep on the river.  Tomorrow Tyler and Lou leave for colorado and I head to Australia on Monday. The others are looking at upper cherry this week but I am hoping it will hold out for another week till I'm back!
Time to write a speech for the Brisbane show and prepare for a whirlwind Transcendence tour around the world in a week!

- Sam Sutton on Chucks Slide - Photo Josh Neilson

-Chris on Chucks Slide - Photo Josh Neilson

-Daan on V-Slide - Photo Josh Neilson

-Sam Roil Little Niagara - Photo Josh Neilson

-Daan Little Niagara - Photo Josh Neilson

-Daan heading downstream - Photo Josh Neilson

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