Saturday, May 26, 2012

Moro Rock

-First things first - Build a fence  - Photo Harmony Wimsett
It may seem at times that it is all about running hard whitewater but I can tell you its not! Sometimes a bit of lifestyling goes a long way! In fact I would say 80% of our time on missions consists of driving, exploring and hanging out and the other 20% is kayaking.  Due to this high percentage of downtime we have become rather good at lifestyling.

- Camping in Three Rivers - Photo Josh Neilson

We have a number of sweet locations in many different countries locked down for times when the kayaking is not happening! One of the golden spots is Moro Rock in Sequoia National Park.  While we were there to kayak the Kaweah we knew that the combination of clear skies and a bit of pollution on the horizon was going to make for a good sunset after a good day on the water.
-Post paddling  - Photo Josh Neilson

-Sun soaking on the Kaweah - Photo Josh Neilson

With some of the founding members of the Okere Falls Wine and Cheese Appreciation Society present we voiced the idea of picking up some supplies, namely fine cheese and crackers and some alcohol, in Three Rivers and to reconvene at the top of a huge monolith named Moro Rock.

-Moro Rock from below at the Hospital Rock put in - photo Josh Neilson

 It was a great sunset and the evening was slowly calming down when I saw flood lights on the roadworks below.  I remembered seeing a sign on the entry to the park mentioning a road closure at 9pm all night! I asked for the time and it was 8.30 and we had a bit of a climb and drive to get down.  Panic ensued and we rushed everything to the car and slipped through the roadworks just in the nick of time!
While kayaking is the main reason for our travels it is not the only reason.  Next stop is the Australia show but ill do a little kayak update before then!

-Baby Bird holding the last of the sun - Photo Josh Neilson

Ben and Sam - Photo Josh Neilson

-Getting stuck in to some fine cheese, oysters and dips! - Photo Josh Neilson

-Dave preparing some desert at Moro Rock - Photo Josh Neilson

-We all travel on different plans but its great when we all come together - Photo Josh Neilson


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