Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hospital Rock - one of the classics

- Tyler Fox looking styley on Little Niagara - Photo Josh Neilson

I have kayaked and hiked in many places in my time but the come down from Dinkey Creek was a killer! Never before has every muscle in my body hurt so much at the same time! Even stepping off the gutter or getting out of the car became a hard task! After some great fast food we decided to head further south for a relaxed day on the Hospital Rock section of the Middle Kaweah.

-The put in with Hospital Rock in the background

The thought of just taking the day off crossed my mind many times but I figured it might take some of the pain away being on the river.  It did! We soon found ourselves in the flow again and it was good to paddle something that wasn't super massive at ever horizon.  With light boats and no extra gear onboard we got the arms moving and bombed down some of Cali's nicest mini gorges.  We didnt stop to take many photos due to how hard it was to simply get in and out of our kayaks but it was a good day! At the take out we looked at our GPS navigation and it told us our ETA was 8pm after a 4hr drive so we got on the phone and booked all you can eat Sushi in Placerville for 8pm.  At 7.59 we rolled into the carpark to meet the coloma gang for some highly anticipated best sushi in the area! Another good day!

-Daan boofing off Little Niagara - Photo Josh Neilson

-Daan dropping under pride rock - Photo Josh Neilson

-Daan in V-Slide early on in the day - Photo Tyler Fox

- Tyler about to melt in V-Slide - Photo Daan Jimmink

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