Wednesday, May 16, 2012

South Silver - old faithful

- Martina on 'Left Left' - Photo Shilo Gibson

While we are on the topic of best runs in Cali I think its fair to say that South Silver makes the grade.  From top to bottom the action is there for the taking.   One of the longer slides in the state start you off followed by one of the many 'Tea cups' sections with a big burley skyscraper and off ramp in the middle followed by some more committing stuff down below.  You can run a little of you can run a lot, its up to you.  Friends who don't kayak can join your 1 mile run and take photos and hike the trail right by the river.  And the best part is that its only 1hr from the house! Well thats not the best part but its a good bonus! We had 9 of us on the river yesterday with a juicy flow.  Martina joined us from the Netherlands, and the rest were from NZ including our adopted Canadian Tyler! Shilo and Harmony came out to take photos and with a little snow round they filled a bag with beers and snow for the take out! GOLD!
We lapped the 'Autobahn' and the 'Teacups' and then I after a few good days in the boat I felt 'Skyscraper' was in order.  Cheers for all the safety on that one guys!
Another sweet day on the river with good people.  I think we will be back up there in a few days when it drops a little for a more relaxed user friendly bomb down.  What will the next post be.. will it be Royal? Will it be Fantasy? Just wait and see...

- Me on the first Tea Cup - Photo Shilo Gibson

- Tea Cups into Skyscraper, sick section of water - Photo Harmony Wimsett
- Me on Second Tea Cup - Photo Shilo Gibson
- Team photographer Harmony at peace with her position - Photo Shilo Gibson

-Nick Wimsett on the first Tea Cup - Photo Shilo Gibson

-Looking very little scouting and setting safety - Photo Shilo Gibson

- Avoiding Rattlesnakes on the portage - Photo Harmony Wimsett

- Me entering Skyscraper - Photo Shilo Gibson
- Complete whiteout but the memory boof came through and got air! - Photo Shilo Gibson

Mid way through the mayhem  - Photo Harmony Wimsett

- Lining it up for the off ramp - Photo Harmony Wimsett

- Offramp - Photo Shilo Gibson

- Getting left behind the rock on 'Plastic Surgery' - Photo Shilo Gibson

- Lou in Blue - Photo Shilo Gibson

Lou making the final moves before take out - Photo Harmony Wimsett

- Me and Nick in a hole - Photo Harmony Wimsett

- A great day with good friends - Photo Tripod (Shilo Gibson)

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