Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cali-Brisbane-Denver-Cali in a week

I just spent a week on tour with my film and unfortunately just missed the Kayak race at Teva Mountain Games.  I left California on Monday night and flew via San Fran and Sydney to Brisbane to meet up with Dr Eric Brymer from the film for a show organised by Queensland University of Technology.  I was only in the country for 23.5hrs but got to present to a great audience.  Once the show was over I went out for a few beers then back to the Hotel for a quick sleep and back at the Airport at 7am to fly via Sydney and San Fran to Denver.  I rented a car and headed to Vail to be greeted by a very excited group of Kiwis and one very excited Canadian! It was great to unwind with a few drinks before the next days premiere.  The show was poorly advertised but still attracted a good crowd.  Now I am back in Cali looking at a potential Upper Cherry mission and then a few weeks before Norway!
Cheers to everyone I met along the way on the week long airplane tour!
-A common view for me all week! 

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