Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New AT Super Duty testing!

-A perfect 20ft drop on Dinky - Photo Gopro2 - Josh Neilson

I got a call from the crew at Fergs Kayaks in Wellington a week before I flew out to Cali this year asking if I would be interested in trying the new AT Super Duty paddle on my trip this year.  Now I have to admit I have used and loved the Werner foam filled paddles for years now and had to think hard if this was a good move for my kayaking.  I had been trying a few paddles over summer in the falls with the thought of changing paddles anyway so figured it would be worth a try.

-Top left the boys are herding a huge log from the base of the falls so I can have a clean landing - Photo Gopro2 -Josh Neilson

So we managed to fast post them up and I packed them ready for some Cali testing.  The initial feel was different to what I had been using but that is the case with every paddle.  Now I know I told everyone I was going to ease into the season but that was not to be.  The first test would be Dinky Creek ranking in my top runs in the world to paddle and a solid test for the new paddle.  We had good flow so the paddle would not only be tested on some low volume slides but some heavy boofs and aerated moves too. Paddling round in the pool at the top with no warm up apart from a few rolls and a small flat water pool I was apprehensive but feeling fired up!  First move was a entry right boof into the middle and ride the slide out.  SOLD! I really enjoyed the paddle on this one and it did not let up! Slide after boof after eddy turn!

-Tea Cups on South Silver - Photo Tyler Fox

Part of my reason for thinking about switching paddles was the blade size and partly length.  I was using a 194 and my new AT Super Duty is 197cm long with an extra few cms all round the blade in size.  Great power and control in the water.  One of the other reasons I wanted to switch was the blade fluttering in the water.  When I would paddle my blade would not pull smoothly through the water and I dont notice this in the AT now so another bonus.  So I have now given it a good run for its money on Dinky, South Silver, Middle Kaweah a few times, more South Silver and South Yuba and its going strong and the next stop is upper Cherry.  I am stoked with it and will keep you posted on how it preforms over the coming months in Norway and Africa in the big water.


-Autobahn on South Silver - Photo Tyler Fox

-Skyscraper on South Silver, Nick and Toni Running Safety for me - Photo Tyler Fox

-Off Ramp on South Silver - Photo Tyler Fox

-An early Boof on Dinky loving the paddle already - Photo Gopro2 - Josh Neilson

-As you can see I am mid air flying down a shallow slide - Photo Gopro2 - Josh Neilson

-Everything is GREAT - Photo Gopro2 - Josh Neilson

-Water takes some amazing shapes - Photo Gopro2 - Josh Neilson

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