Saturday, June 23, 2012

I Ride With Si Day

-What a great place to see the world from!

Yesterday a year ago I woke in Norway, just another day and went to bed that night changed in a huge way for ever! A really good man, Simon Davidson, died kayaking on Red Earth Creek in Canada on the 22.06.11! Following his death 'I Ride with Si' was born and offered friends and family a platform to remember, share and talk of our lost but not forgotten friend! A few weeks ago I started to hear about I Ride with Si Day and thought it was great! A day to do cool things and share them with Si so he knows we are out there living it up with him by our side!
Again this year I find myself back here in Norway for Voss Ekstremsportveko this time not injured and ready to kayak! The morning of the 22nd started with a nice cup of tea and then Andy came and picked me up for a trip to the Brandseth but with a few hot days it was pretty juicy and not for us that day. I then jumped over into another car and we headed for the Teigdale on the other side of Voss.  We got there with a solid flow and the boys hurried round to get dressed!

-A long way down!
One by one they went off forward and backwards and it looked like a lot of fun! I hadn't run a vertical waterfall since surgery and was not thinking of paddling till this thought went through my mind and quickly turned into a fuzzy good feeling all over! I had remembered that it was the 22nd and it was in fact I Ride with Si Day.  I immediately knew it was time to go kayaking.  I asked Evan and Anton if they were going again and we were soon standing on top of the double drop.  I went and jumped in my boat and caught the eddy.  my boat felt light after a cali season and there was no warm up apart from 20m of entry.  I gave the signal and peeled out - Lined up the lip and boofed hard looking all the way down to the pool below. The first landing was soft and although there was a lot of mist I could see the second lip immediately. A few strokes kept me straight then it was time to roll off, pause and tuck.  Cue the second impact... again smooth! Back - check. Shoulders - check.  Cue excitement... Woooooo! Stoked to be down and had a sweet line!

- Rolling off the second part! 

Yesterday I woke up in Norway, but this time it wasn't just another day.  This day was a special day for a special friend! We miss you bro!
Cheers for an awesome day yesterday, wish you could have been there with me!!

-Aniol back freewheeling the top drop!! Amazing to watch - Photo Josh Neilson


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