Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Uganda 2012

Ok so I left Voss a few weeks ago and have been working making raft videos on the Nile here in Uganda since. It has not been super busy but getting there now. I haven't had a chance to get out much and paddle other than for work but that will come soon and Ill have some more kayaking shots but for now here are some shots I have taken during a trip to a small wave down stream.  Nothing much to report and not too impressive to get the camera out for but a great day had by all! All these shots were screen grabs or photos from the Gopro HD2 which is great by the way! Small and unobtrusive and produces some great results. More pics to follow!
-Kids wait and carry your kayak to make a few $$ to buy school books so they can go to school

-One mans trash is another mans treasure

- Kids at the put in for Superhole

-Doing a touch of freestyle

- On the drive home

- Beautiful long orange roads

- A contrast of colors

-My kayak carrier

- "I need a job Mr"

- So many smiles

-Excited much


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