Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nicaragua surf

-Maderas beach

Where did 2012 go... Actually the last two years have been such a blur its hard to remember what happened in which country and when it happened! With transcendence film shows all wrapped up and Malaria all over I boarded a plane to get away for a while. I left the kayak gear in the shed at Nick and Harmonys and swapped it out for a some surf gear.  Nicaragua was the destination of choice following a successful trip there in 2007.

-The deck at Tres Hermanos

San Juan Del Sur but more specifically Playa Maderas was my first stop and within 24hrs of leaving Cali I was paddling out to catch my first waves.  I had rented a room at a hostel run by 3 brothers aptly named Hostel Los Tres Hermanos which was as close to the beach as you can get! The sand literally flows inside.

-Madera Massif
-My room - Bed for me, bed for gear, bed for surfboard! 
-Whales passing by Maderas

-Didnt make it under this one...

For the first week or so I woke up, paddled out, surfed for a few hours, came back in, ate, drunk fruit smoothies, took photos, slept and repeated the process day in and day out.  At the start the waves were a little on the small side but every day it seemed to get better and better. Over the week I met a dude called Eliya and his girl Anile and made a trip North to Popoyo which was mad!

-Eliya and Anile
-Nice right at Popoyo

The waves break on a shallow reef which on the first day were a little much for me but the next day I had a great time out there.

-Swamp kayaking and bird watching
-White bird in flight
-Paddling back to Hacienda Merida

Super nice island lots of cool things to see. After Ometepe I headed to Costa Rica to meet up with Cova, Aline and Albert for some rafting and drinking in the Caribbean.

-Me on a nice left
-One of the locals 
Back in Nicaragua for the last week I spent time surfing every day. It was very hard to leave with good new friends there and the thought of leaving the warm weather and hot water surfing! Rather than write too much here are a bunch of photos from the trip!
Cant wait to go back to Central America!!
Cheers everyone I met along the way!

-Fishermen on Lake Nicaragua

-Big Bird flying above Maderas

-Little Bird flying above Lake Nicaragua

-Chicken Bus makes its way round Volcan Maderas

-Nev at Maderas

-Cafe Revolucion boys

-Standard Maderas sunset

-What a way to end the day

 All photos ©Josh Neilson 2012

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