Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Thai Mission begins!!

- Coming soon....

And so it begins... the return to the Thai jungle in search of waterfalls. Ever since the 2007 Thai mission with Will Clark and Sam Ward I have wanted to return! With no real expectations going into the last trip I was overly amazed at the quality of white water that Thailand has to offer. After a few years to do other missions I have finally got the opportunity to return with a sweet crew to re run the rivers we found in 07 and also search out some new ones I have found on the internet over the years. First stop is Bangkok where the crew will re-group after traveling and then search out a sweet rig to drive us round the country then its off. I will leave it here and in the next wee whileposts will start to appear on here as the rivers are found, the waterfalls are paddled and the epics start to flow in! Keep an eye out here over the next month for what its like to practically circumnavigate Thailand in search of water!!!

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