Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mae Panning for gold

Back to Mae Pan Waterfall... This drop alone was the selling point for my trip to Thailand in 2007 With Sam And Will so the idea of a return visit was pretty cool! We got turned away a week ago due to low water but on this day it had come up a bit and although a bit low, it was going to be our only chance to get in on this trip. Once we had hiked the boats in and hauled them up the canyon wall to the top of the drop it was go time. Due to the fact park rangers were not happy with us being there I suggested Tyler and Toni go first so as I had done it before. They came down looking a bit flustered at the bottom saying its a hard hit... I knew this but i wasnt prepared for what happened next.

- Mae Pan round 2 - Photo Toni George

-Tyler dropping in for his first time - Photo Josh Neilson

- Lou preparing for the big hit - Photo Tyler Fox

- Me getting my tuck on - Photo Tyelr Fox

Lou and I were at the top with our boats and I got in with my line in my head. I turned on my waterproof camera mounted behind me on my kayak and rolled off the lip. Half way down I ramped out a bit and hit the bottom with some angle and on impact put my mouth into my arm. I have had a dead arm for 2 days now. The camera was ripped from the boat (even though tied on and stuck on too!!) and sunk to the bottom. Next up was Lou and she hit very hard also but was ok.
I decided to walk out drop there as i was not in the mood and my arm was dead and the others ran 3 more drops and hiked out with me.

-Lou ramping into the triple drop below Mae Pan - Photo Toni George

- Toni slightly left of good - Result.. Broken boat - Photo Lou Urwin

- Tyler getting air on number 2 - Photo Lou Urwin

- Lou on entry - Photo Tyler Fox

- Lou on the last drop - Photo Tyler Fox

-Toni boofing into the last pool - Photo Josh Neilson

All in all it was a good day but much harder landing than I ever remember. Next time I will only do it with brown flooded water to make the landing soft! On our way out we were met by park rangers and when asked if we were kayaking the girls shook their heads and said no we were just taking photos. Thailand has got to be one of the only places ive ever been where kayaking is such a bad thing to do. They have no idea what we are even doing. They just say no and thats that.
We are heading out east now to Chae Son and Tard Luang Waterfalls and then heading south toward Bangkok to drop off Tyler next week! Wish us luck!


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