Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cobra Falls in Chiang Mai

New drops are always fun to find whether they are big or small. After a couple of days running some more well know rivers at super high flow we went searching again. On a map of Chiang Mai I spotted a river super close to town which had a Waterfall marked Nam Tok Mae Yoy so we decided to check it out. Heading up the creek we noticed that it was not high but had been 2 meters higher recently. This was a good start as it rains a bit up here and potential good run. After missing all the signs to Mae Yoy we found one that said Tat Krok Waterfall.

-Me at the lip of the cobra - Photo Toni George

Even though there was not enough water to kayak we decided to go check it out anyway. We started hiking the 1km up hill to where we were supposed to find it but at the top of the hill we figured we were lost as there was no river. We found some locals picking mushrooms and asked them where it was. they pointed down the other side of the hill, smiled and walked off. To our surprise there was another creek right there on the other side which actually had a bit of water and what was to be named Cobra falls. This was due to the 2 Black Forest Cobras we almost stepped on trying to find it!
We quickly gathered our kayaks and gear and headed back into the drop and one by one ran different lines off it. We all had a few goes to try master it but this one was a tricky one! We called it a day after my last one where i hit the wall at the lip and fell on my head. Soft landing but not worth trying again!

-Tyler through the trees - Photo Josh Neilson

- Toni making the line of the day - Photo Josh Neilson

- Me at the lip on attempt 2 - Photo Toni George

- Nice boof at he top - Photo Josh Neilson

-The view from the top - Photo Tyler Fox

- In the cave at the bottom - Photo Tyler Fox

- Tyler ramping in - Photo Toni George

Today was a super hot day and foolishly we left town with no water so by the end of our little mission we were all severely dehydrated so raced back to town for frozen cokes and water! Tomorrow we are off on another mission of potentially lots of driving but hopefully some good new waterfalls!!!
See ya soon

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