Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Photos by Kenny Mutton from Kaituna Kayaks

Sam, Josh and Dylan at the bottom of the main section but still one more to go

Dylan clearing the weir - Sharn in front filming

Josh entering the rapid at the top.

Josh coming out of the melting drop feeling very small compared to the water

Josh at the weir

In December of last year I was lucky enough to join a film tour for the North Island part to paddle a number of cool rivers.  I just came across some photos that Kenny Mutton shot the day we ran Aratiatia Rapids for the second time. 

Sam at the top

We paddled it a few days before and this was our second attempt.  I think i was more nervous at the top this time than the first but all went well.  This would definatly be up there with one of the scariest things I have paddled.  It is not like a big waterfall that looks super impressive but is much harder.  This thing is committing from top to bottom. 
The crux comes in the middle at the weir but has many other parts that you need to be on your game for.  
Here are the SWEET shots from Kenny!

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