Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Words from the Wounded

Tim Starr (Timmy-9 Lives) checking off one on project 2000 - Photo Josh Neilson

The ideal year for me is long summers in beautiful countries, new rivers, new friends, good food etc etc... well this was how the year was going but i left out one thing... health! So far I have got away with a few broken bones, a few colds and flu's and the odd hang over. But this time its different. I feel good, Im healthy i want to go kayaking but i cant! Somewhere wrapped up in my neck, shoulder or arm is a nerve or something that is not happy. When Ii kayak it feels like my arm is stuck in a vice and i have no strength! So that beings be back to where the year has turned not so ideal... I am 1- injured and 2- not in a summer! I flew home to New Zealand a few days ago and now on my quest to get better!
With the lack of kayaking adventures i have been on in the past weeks and the lack of until im back in shape i can share pictures of my year so far before the injury.
Here are some shots from Norway! Land of abundant whitewater and beautiful....scenery!

Josh Neilson - Homerun section of the Mar - Photo Sam Sutton

Josh drop 2 homerun - Photo Sam Sutton

Sam at the top of the big one - Austbygdai - Photo Josh Neilson

Chilling in the sun at the lake in Austbygda

One of Norways many huge waterfalls - photo Josh Neilson

After a good day on Nose Breaker - photo Sam Sutton

Driving into the sunset that never gets dark! Off to Voss - Photo Josh Neilson

Yan, Mr Wong, Chingy, The man styling his line on Skoogsa Falls - photo Sam Sutton

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