Sunday, September 28, 2008

Google earth master! shots from creeks found by Matt Danes in the Hawkes Bay

Matt Danes - photo by Marcus Thompson

It is always cool getting updates from people who are out there on their weekends searching and exposing some of New Zealands more undercover drops and slides. Over the past few years I have been getting emails from Matt Danes from Hastings who has a skill to scope out drops from Google Earth like no other. I have seen his waterfall folder and its definatly a well researched and elaborate piece of his kayaking equipment. While a few of his prospects have come up unpaddlable the one that have worked have opened my eyes to what Hawkes Bay has to offer.

Walk in to the Upper Esk River - Matt Danes and Skux dissapointed that this one does not go, well maybe with rain?! - Photo Josh Neilson

On Saturday Matt Danes and Marcus Thompson went into the hills behind my place in Hawkes Bay and slid down this little beauty. Matt found it many years back but never got to paddle it and it was believed to be paddled first last year by someone which you can see in a copy of Cumec magazine. Myself, Skux and kurt went in earlier this year which was a good day out but I can imagine that a lot more water would make it a lot more fun.
These shots were from the boys trip in there on the weekend just past!
Be warned, Bay paddlers out there if this creek gets high there is a beauty just upstream that might go! HUGE

Marcus Thompson - photo Matt Danes

Kurt Jane montaged on his descent down the slipery slide by Josh Neilson

Once Me and a few mates were out for a surf at Ocean Beach but with the storm coming in we decided it was too big. On the way home we stopped to check out Maraetotara River. The falls were low but I rocked up and ran my first waterfall ever. It was so low that i pretty much seal launched off the lip into the pool but that was it, i loved waterfalls. I then returned a few years later in flood with Kurt and we flew off the flooded drop. With Matt there watching and talk of waterfalls below and above we decided that one day we would check it all out.

While I was overseas Matt and Marcus ran the top section and found some cool stuff but a bit more water would again make it a faster trip.
There was also talk of them running the bottom section but I am still trying to find these photos.
All in all these local boys have torn up the back blocks of the Bay and found some nice little creeks!

Matt Danes- Upper Maraetotara River - Photo Marcus Thompson
Matt Danes- Upper Maraetotara River - Photo Marcus Thompson

Matt Danes- Upper Maraetotara River - Photo Marcus Thompson

Matt Danes- Upper Maraetotara River - Photo Marcus Thompson

Marcus Thompson- Upper Maraetotara River - Photo Matt Danes

These next drops have not been Paddled but are part of a creek near the sea that matt walked into to check out. There is one more waterfall that you can see from the rd but that is too shallow. All the bay needs now is a bit of water and it has a bit of fun!

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