Friday, June 18, 2010

Injured and bored!

- Picture on the drive into Upper Middle Cosumnes out the window of 'Mum'

- The boys loading up 'MUM'- the car, and me looking unhappy about driving shuttle!

Being quite a restless individual it comes as no suprise that now after a week of being injured and off the water that im starting to loose my mind! There have been a few things that have kept my mind off my shoulder but with broken sleep every night due to the pain its quite hard to not think about the potential end to my season coming in the next week!
Im off to see the Doctor again on monday and this is when ill have a better idea on whats going on. The initial diagnosis while still swollen a lot was that I have partially torn my AC joint, separating the ligament from the bone that holds the shoulder together! I have not heard of this injury very much until this week and ever second person I have talked to has been through it! Apparently it can vary quite a lot from brusing of the joint through to complete tears. I am staying positive and it seems that I have just partially torn it which is a good start!
Stay tuned for how this unravels and where the summer will lead!
Till then here are a few shots from my new Head Cam from GoPro. Super sick cameras!

-Jared, Toni, Jamie, Ben, Scouting East Meets West Drop on Upper Sth Yuba

-Something California is well known for - Driving!!!

- Pre injury on Slab Creek section of the American River

- More Scouting of East Meets West!

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