Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Chutes du Haha

Road trip quebec 2010 - Photo Josh Neilson

- Josh Neilson on lower Haha - Photo Lou Urwin

- Josh Neilson from above - Photo Dave Crerar

This time last year we went to check out Haha falls and it was about negative 2 degrees and i decided to let that drop go for another day! Luckily this year we were about to leave Chicoutimi and decided to go back! the temperature on this fine day was a blistering 30 degrees and the water was warm!!! This was more my style!! I checked out the top drop and it looked good but upon closer inspection it was actually a bit trickier than i had thought, but it was fine!

- Me entering the top drop on Haha - Photo Dave Crerar

It threw me left a bit but was sweet!

- In between the two - Photo Lou Urwin

The next drop was the one i was here for though! sloping funky 2o footer that you line up for and melt! I felt like i went pretty deep and could feel my skirt pressing on my legs! No deck implosion and a super fun drop!!!
Time to head toward Ottawa for one last park and huck!

- Tyler Fox lining it up! - Photo Lou Urwin

- Fox going deep - Photo Josh Neilson

- Our Last park and huck - sweet rapid with a melt into a big hole at the bottom! - Photo Lou Urwin

- Josh plugging the hole - Photo Lou Uwrwin


Anonymous said...

Aren't the two last photos on the Batiscan river?
Great blog by the way!

Adayak said...

Man when you said it was 2 degrees it took me a minute to realize that you're talking Celcius and not Fahrenheit. Nice runs though.

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Pretty impressive, but those waterfalls look like they have a way to get down the waterfall.