Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Quebec Update 1

- Quebec Crew 2010 - Photo Tyler Fox

In a rather unfamiliar way my year started with 2 easy flights up to montreal with Lou with no lost baggage, missed flights or anything inconvenient! At the airport we were met by Blake and headed back to Ottawa for the night to rest then the next day drove a further 10 hrs up to Chicoutimi where the rest of the crew was based. With a day of driving/rest we were ready to get into it. First stop was the Middle Valin. This was a sweet pool drop section to get back into it with a good amount of water!

- Drop 1 in quebec on the middle Valin - Photo Tyler Fox

- Josh Neilson, Middle Valin - Photo Tyler Fox

- Lou Urwin, Middle Valin - Photo Tyler Fox

All warmed up we were set for a few months of kayaking ahead! Warmed up maybe but the weather still freezing! The next morning my kayaking gear was frozen solid!!!
With big plans for day 2 we set out to try run the upper Haha river. Almost at the take-out we were hit by a snow storm that continued all the way up to the put-in. By the time we were almost there the snow was a few feet deep and the truck was forced to turn around!

- Forced to turn around at Haha River - Photo Josh Neilson

back in town we ran a sweet creek called the Moulin that runs right into town.

- Poutine Stand - Chips, Cheese curd and Gravey!!! Savage - Photo Tyler Fox

Overnight Quebec decided that spring was over and summer was here. A beautuful day out on the Cyriac started our week of hot weather paddling and much higher spirits!

- Josh Neilson, Cyriac's finest drop! - Photo Tyler Fox

- Irish Dave on Cyriac's Finest - Photo Tyler Fox

Back at Pat Levesques house we were doing some recon on a first descent we looked at last year and with a bit of searching i spotted another creek near by! Check in to the next post for the back to back first descents of Riviere du Petit Saguenay and Riviere du Portage!

- Portage Quebec style - This is one of the easier ones! There are sooo many trees here!!- Photo Tyler Fox


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