Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Huit Chutes - 8 Chutes

After a day to nurse a hangover from Lou's birthday we set off early to a river called Huit Chutes (8Chutes). Pumped and ready to go we made it to the Take-out at 10.30 but with the normal road closed we were forced to find an alternative. After 20km extra driving and almost walking in miles from where we thought we were we decided to check if the origonal gate was even locked. To our little suprise it was not. It was just tied with a piece of string. We proceeded to drive the 6 km and loose the boats 5 times off the roof and make it to the put in at 4.30pm. With much debate some of the team decided to stay behind while Tyler, Boomer and I chose to race the falling sun and attempt to run the 6km of solid class 5 before dark.

-Tyler Fox put in drop - Photo Dave Crerar

-Tyler Fox put in drop - Photo Pat Levesque

The run took us 2 hours and we bombed down super fast! Only stopping to get a glimpse over huge horizon lines to check if it went. Everything went and we ran some stout drops, some of which with only a bit of beta from the one who beiefly checked it out.

-Josh Neilson on the skinny slide - Photo Dave Crerar

-Tyler Fox Skinny right slide - Photo Dave Crerar

-Tyler Fox on Atomic Piton, Dont Mess this one up! - Photo Dave Crerar

Pat Leveque with the big one in the background - Photo Tyler Fox

Josh Neilson after the big one - photo Dave Crerar

-Josh Neilson on some boogie water - Photo Tyler Fox

-Josh Neilson entering the "Popcorn" drop - Photo Dave Crerar

- Bursting through the "popcorn" - Photo Tyler Fox

The next day we put back on and ran it with 5 of us to get some footage and photos ad took our time! It was at times hard to believe what we had bombed the day before!
A super sick run with a bunch of sick rapids but a few extra inches of water would be nice i recon!

-Tyler Fox on the final autoboof drop - Photo Blake Mahoney

-Josh Neilson on autoboof - Photo Tyler Fox

-Tyler Fox Autoboof - Photo Josh Neilson

-Josh Neilson on the last drop - Photo Dave Crerar

Quebec is a savage place with lots of quality rapids!! This one was not exception!
If you ever get up here Huit Chutes is a must!

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