Sunday, November 22, 2009

Uganda, Africa in less than a page!

Murchison Falls - Photo Josh Neilson

Alright so it has been a while since the last real post but the African internet speeds just were not inviting enough to slog over the computer in order to get the story out!
So now after spending 4 months living in Uganda on the banks of the White Nile i am back in New Zealand and enjoying the luxury of good food, fast internet and the joys of buying a car!
After being home a week I have sorted through hours of footage and photos to bring you a quick update from the past few months.
- View from my room, Uganda - Photo Josh Neilson

-In the local Jinja Market, Fishy - Photo Josh Neilson

-View from the deck - photo Josh Neilson

So it started off in usual NRE (Nile River Explorers, the raft base we lived at) fashion with a good welcome back party which would turn out to be the start to the down fall of my body! About 10 days later the mosquito that bit me on those early nights turned into yet another bout of Malaria! So for a few daysI spent my time in a fever, feeling sick, tired, bored etc, generally feeling like Shit. After that i decided to give up the preventative meds that have failed me a few times now and decided to take on the malaria mozzys head on with just my positive thinking! And it worked! No more malaria for the remaining 3 and a half months!

Me on Kalagala Falls - Photo Ben Jackson

-Ben filming and Berno running Kalagala Falls - Photo Josh Neilson

- Will freewheeling into Bujagali Falls - Photo Anna Bruno

Ben Jackson - Kalagala Falls - Photo Josh Neilson

Kirk Hollis, melting in! Photo Anna Bruno

Sam back on the water after many months recovery! Photo Anna Bruno

So with 4 months in Uganda and a very very low budget and a fast growing bar tab i decided to do a bit of rafting which was a great time! Good mates out on the river each day causing trouble and smashing the clients!
With Anton (who did the rafting videos) leaving and Davey (owns the video production company there) also going home for a month I took the job and spent the next month or so paddling every day, editing the film at night and selling the videos. Was a awesome experience for the editing and made a bit of coin to bring home!

-Our Safari Camp in the delta - photo Josh Neilson

-Sneaky Leopard in the trees - Photo Josh Neilson

- Wandering Giraffe - Photo Josh Neilson

Once that was all over I got into some of my own kayaking and filming which was good fun. Got all the necessary shots for the up coming film which was slightly last minute but all good! Ben Jackson came over from NZ for the last month and that was a blast! We went to the market and kitted our selves out in safari suits and headed to Murchison Falls National Park to check out the animals! Was the highlight of the trip with an abundance of Hippos, Elephants, Lions, Giraffes and even a sneaky Leopard in the trees!

-Morning elephant- Photo Josh Neilson

-Me standing by Murchison Falls - Photo Ben Jackson

- Filming with a boat boom, look carefully - Photo Anna Bruno

Once back from safari it was into the leaving Parties! Halloween was a crack up which lead into my birthday and then the next day was the makeshift Nile Festival where we loaded up the rafts and kayaks and headed out to the day 2 section of the Nile! What a memorable few days! Thanks to everyone who was there! definatly a highlight!
After that i just had a week left to paddle, rest and film the last things before i embarked on the 60hr journey back to NZ! Almost missed the first plane as the car broke down half way! Luckily i had a similar problem on my car 8 years ago and i knew how to fix it! hahaha!

Bujagali Falls, Where the lake from the dam will drown to! - Photo Anna Bruno

- Me at the Equator - Photo Liss Raymond

So now im back in NZ and its good to be home! Still got a few things to film before i can get into the edit for this years film but its underway! Hanging out to get over to the tuna to catch up with the crew there and go kayaking again!
There will be a few photos up on here as I find them from the last few months!
Sorry for the long delay in Updates and the briefness of this one! If ya wanna know more ill tell you when i see you!


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Thomas Morgan said...

Josh- Great photos. After reading this months Outside cover re Coetzee wanted to see some photos of murchinson. Paddled Zambezi a few years ago but never made it north.

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Uganda is a great underrated destination, I wonder how many you paid for the ticket. nice set of photos too.