Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Over the Fijord and far away

With a day off to nurse the hangover and do a bit of board surfing on the local wave it became apparent that my time here in Norway was almost over! I could fit in one more trip but where to go?? Then i heard a knock at the door and Dag ame up and asked if i wanted to head across the Hadanger Fijord and up to to mountain tops to run a river with some cool slides on it and camp the night. My time here in norway has been Hot, and ive been in a house every night so the thought of getting a camping trip in was top on the list! We loaded up the cars and headed South toward the fijord. After a few hours of driving and a quick ferry ride we were at the river.

-Everyone sheltering from the rain at our camp by the road - Photo Josh Neilson

-A Clear patch in the night enough to get a fire going and warm up the feet! - Photo Josh Neilson

- The darkest point of the night at about midnight - Photo Josh Neilson

Through the trees we could see glimpses of slides in the distance which we knew we would see closer the next day! At the top on the mountain where is flattens out (Vida) which felt like the moon or some foreign planet, we set up camp along side the river and the road and settled in for a nice dinner, fire and good sleep! Early next morning we got up and drove a few Kms up the road and hiked across the Vida towards where the river was.

- Making our way across the barren landscape - Photo Greg Dashper

-A quick shortcut across a lake on the hike in - Photo Greg Dashper

- I can see the river valley in the distance but its not getting closer! - Photo Greg Dashper

A few hours in and we could see a nice gorge and a sweet drop to start us off!

-Drop number one on the river, a good start - Photo Greg Dashper

- Greg Dashper having a go too - Photo Aril

It was not long and we were back at our camp spot and where we needed to portage round a section dry from a dam! After some lunch and a quick drive we were bck on the river below the dam. From here the river was slide - lake - slide - lake!

-Dag going left on a nice slide! - Photo Greg Dashper

perfect way to end the norway trip! In the pools we chatted about our summer and other missions and then every few minutes we had to fire ourselves up and run the slides! The biggest one on the river required a bit of thought! You had to roll in, hit a pool, push right on a shallow but fast ledge but not too far right, then boof off a drop onto a slide and pillow then come out down the slide and off a kicker into the pool!

-Josh Neilson at the top of the big drop - Photo Greg Dashper

-And again on the kicker at the bottom, Sweet drop! - Photo Greg Dashper

-Dag coming out the bottom of the big drop - Photo Greg Dashper

-Greg showing us the way on the last big one - Photo Josh Neilson

-Aril going left about to take a paddle to the face - Photo Greg Dashper

What a sweet drop! stoked with this trip and would recomed this river to others for sure! At the bottom we were stoked and loaded up and headed back to Voss! A quick ferry and short drive and we were home sweet home!

-This Drop is downstream of our take out and what looks like a sweet section below too - Photo Josh Neilson

Well temporary home at least! One more day here to sort my things and then back to Uganda! Im really looking forward to being back there and seeing old friends! The Blogs from here may slow down a bit due to the internet speed etc in Africa but keep coming back and reading! Ill update as much as i can!


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