Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Week 1 in Voss

As i sit here waiting for the boys to paddle a sick creek i turn to the only thing keeping me going here in norway. Photos! I have been injured for over a month now and its hard to keep the motivation up when u are sitting waiting to hear about all the cool lines on the river! But i have been sticking it out and getting on the river every second day and running some cool stuff. I am not actually sure what is wrong with my shoulder/arm but i do know it hurts a lot after kayaking and sometimes during. The pain starts in my shoulder in no specific area and spreads down my left arm in my bicep and into my forearm. i loose all strength and cant paddle! so thats my sob story here are some photos from Voss, Kayaking paradise!

Sam Sutton in the middle of Lake to Lake Special! What a sick drop! Photo Josh Neilson

Me right after plugging Nosebreaker! Photo - Sam Sutton

John Jutter - Nose Breaker - Photo Josh Neilson

Josh Neilson - Nose Breaker - Photo Jan Wong

Brad Lauder Lake to Lake slide- Photo sam sutton

Sam and Brad are on the Lower Myrkdalselvi right now and its raining and high! have fun boys!


Anonymous said...

fukin meeeen bay

Unknown said...

looks a bit nar bar Josheeee
hope you are havein a good time look after your self, be good