Monday, June 30, 2008

Voss Ekstrem Sports Veko

The week just been has been one of my best ever! It was the week of Voss Extreme week! an event for all different extreme sports!

The worlds best BASE jumpers, Skydivers, Skiers, Downhill MTBers, Paragliders Kayakers etc all arrived in Voss, a small town by the lake to compete for the title! The kayak races started on thursday with the time trial. A race set on the branseth river over an average 2minute course. The idea is to race to the bottom as fast as you can without gettin beaten on some sick class 4+ rapids and drops.

Mike Dawson on the first drom of the race! Photo Zac Shaw

Our car for the trip was filled with Kiwi's Sam Sutton, Brad Lauder, Mike Dawson and Myself. A car which would be see to dominate the podium. With much skill speed and precision, Mike Dawson took the fastest time on the day and took out first place.


The next day the river had come up a bit and was now home to the teams race. This time it was a race with 3 people in each team and would start on the upper section of the river and would continue through the time trial course and on the the lower section.

Sam Sutton on the main drop - photo Mike Dawson

The upper holds the crux rapids and would surely see some carnage! The semi local team of Mike Abbott, Alan Ellard and Andy Phillips took out 1st place followed by all kiwi team, Sam Sutton, Mike Dawson and Brad Lauder only 2 seconds infront of my international team of an itallian and norwegian and myself. The next day was to tak place on the Strandelvi closer to town for the head to head race. I was injured in the team race so rested while Brad Lauder took out 3rd place, Sam Sutton in 2nd and Mike Dawson taking out the 1st again! After the boys dominating the podium they drew the top 3 films from the weeks film competition.

Sam sutton on the middle Falls on the race - photo Mike Dawson

I had compiled a film from our Norwegian huck fest over the week and took out second place. With a few thousand people packed into the festival tent all screaming as the kayaking was brought to life. The night then carried on to the biggest party i have ever been to and was one of the best yet! Now with the comp all over and people heading their own ways we are left with a messy car overflowing with our prizes from the week and a few empty bottles!

Mike Dawson with the finish line in sight - Photo Zac Shaw

That was probably the best week yet and i can not wait for next year! Ill be back for sure!
Also thanks to all the people who we met this week! you made our time so good! Look forward to hangin with ya next time!

Sam Sutton Training on the tunnel rapid - photo Brad Lauder

Josh Neilson on Jordalselvi - photo Mike Dawson

Mike Dawson on Jordelselvi - Photo sam sutton

Working with NRK tv for a show on Norwegian tv of extreme week - Sam and Josh

Josh Neilson on Kittlebreaker fossen - a sick drop that packed a punch, Unfortunatly it dammaged brads arm! photo Sam Sutton

Brad Hitting a big slide in Voss! Photo Mike Dawson

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