Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mae Sa River Northern Thailand

1st descent number 1

-Last night i was searching the net for possible waterfalls and rivers in the north here in thailand. I came across a web page that led me to a pic of Mae Sa falls about 30mins drive from our place. As we had a day off before our big trip today we decided to go check it out. At about 3am this morning i was awoken by a mighty crack followed by a flash of light! A storm was here and the water was falling from the sky finally!

-Sam below waterfall 'number 7'

Early this morning we loaded up the car to go check it out. Apon arival we were faced with a large entry fee into the park that the falls were in. being on a budget we headed back out the gate in search of another entry. After a big of off roading we found a track through a rice and banana field to the river.

To our amazment we found that there was a track up the river(thanks to the national park service) and not only 1 waterfall but a series of 10 waterfalls. We began the hike up scouting each drop! after about 700m of hiking we were at number 10! At this flow unrunnable but number nine was good!

-Me running 'number 9'

Will and I fired off this one and we were off.

-Will running 'number 9'

Drop after drop we made our way down the Mae Sa river ticking off new waterfalls and slides as we went. We came to the biggest drop on the river and after a view from a few angles i decided to fire it up! A cool double drop entry into a crazy bit of slide/waterfall! tight entry and a lot going on.

-Me running 'number 6'

From here we continued dropping and running some super clean drops! About half way down the word was out in the park that there were some crazy phalangs (white people) playing in the river. Soon after the ranger was on his bike with a big rescue ring(the red and white ones you would see on a sea ship) waving his arms as Will is about to pull out and run a 2ofooter. He is screaming dont do it in broken english as wil turns and carmly says "its cool, its cool, go watch" as he points to his eyes and pushes into the flow. They soon realised we knew what we were doing and we were off another horrizon line.

These Photos are from Will Clark our teams photographer! nice shots

Footage is coming in thick and fast so keep an eye out for some film updates soon and a new film coing out next march!

-Me running 'number 5'

-Sam running 'number 5'

As far as we know the Mae Sa river has never been paddled and we are stoked to have a first descent under our belts this early on in the trip. tomorrow we will load the car up and head for a region called Nan which will hopefully bring us some more of this quality whitewater!

-Sam running 'number 3'

-Will running 'number 1'

-The night life in Chiang mai

-Traditional Thai Dancing

All photos in this post are (c) Will Clark

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