Thursday, September 27, 2007

Jae Sawn Falls, Northern Thailand part 3

First Descent number 2

After consulting our trusty Thai national park website we decided that we would do a day trip out to Jae Sawn national park about 2 hours from Chiang mai. At times we did not know if we were even in the right place as our trusty suzuki chopped into 1st gear up very steep and windy roads. Finally we made it to the park entrance and were faced with the 200baht entry fee. With a quick scout of the river we found a series of 6 waterfalls stacked on top of each other. Number 1 was Jae sawn falls that we had seen on the net, 2 was a drop that could be run in higher water, 3 after much inspection was too shallow on the landing off a 45foot drop. 4 was cool but was in the entry to 3. 5 had a huge tree in it and 6 was runnable but also led into 5 so not possible unless higher flows.

-Josh running 'Jae Sawn Falls'

So we headed abck to the car and geared up and headed for a park and huck session on number 1 'Jae Sawn falls'.

We had a climbing rope and the boys lowered me and my boat down into the gorge and the pool above the falls. With closer inspection it was apparent that it would be tighter than expected. With cameras set up I padddled fore the lip. Tight entry and narrow shoot! In no time i was flying down the falls and into the pool at the bottom. It was a super fast descent and a good drop!

Next up was Will. He also stuck the line and was stoked to be at the bottom of this amazing waterfall.

-Will Running Jae sawn

For Sams descent I abseiled down off the bottom lip to the base of the falls to get a unique angle of the falls on film. This shot shows Sam tucked up for impact and Me hanging out over the base with the video camera. We got soem quality footage today and looking forward to editing up a storm on the thailand footage!

-Sam kayaking, Josh Filming from wall

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