Thursday, June 6, 2013

South Silver

Well its been a little busy since the South Stan mission... Some of it is a little blurry but I think where were headed next was the South Silver Creek. This one is a classic close to town and provides some nice slides and you definitely feel good at the end of the day.
It has a pretty good window from high to low and everything in between is good to go.  We ran this a couple of times but I think these pics are from the second round.  Nick and I were the only ones keen to paddle this day and Jamie decided to come take photos.   While we waited for Jamie to run shuttle and run up from the bottom to take photos we rallied a couple of laps on the put in slide then headed down the river.  Jamie was waiting at Boof, Boof Slide for us.  I haven't had much luck on this in years past but with a little line alteration I have it better now.  Without much stopping we both dropped into the Tea Cups and then off Sky Scraper and Off Ramp.  After a little portage and some more sweet drops we were off back to Coloma.  This run is a great warm up to the bigger slides you will find on the High Sierra runs here in Cali!

- Coming down above Boof, Boof, Slide

-Boof Boof Slide - Photo Jamie Garrod

- Dropping into Sky Scraper - Photo Jamie Garrod

- Sky Scrapper from a different angle - Photo Jamie Garrod

-Nick coming down Off Ramp - Photo Jamie Garrod

- Nick on Sky Scraper - Photo Jamie Garrod

-Chilling at Myles, Chris and Niges place in Coloma - Photo Jamie Garrod

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