Monday, July 4, 2011

A spot of kayaking with a bit of flying

Gudvangen BASE site - Amazing day!
- The view from the top! Jokke in front right after take off
So things have been so busy in the last week I haven't had time to post anything! Firstly Extreme sports week started here in Voss and it was raining pretty hard for the start of the week meaning a lot of the comps were postponed or canceled! Luckily we were able to shoot some sweet kayak footage and get some edits done! My job for the week not only to film my own film was also to film and edit the 'Todays videos' for kayaking in the festival tent. I was stoked to work with Julian, Hugh and Finn to make some funny films and was stoked that I was awarded Best film of the Todays Video!
With the bad weather I was forced to shoot the interview with Jokke Sommer indoors but the content was great and it shouldn't be too bad in the final film. With a bit of good weather on the way we headed out to Gudvangen to film some BASE shots. Day one was not a big cliff and Jokke just busted out a double back flip into a straight base without his wingsuit. Then it was back to work with kayaking the next day for the race where we busted out a quick edit on the race mixed with a bit of dancing!
- My ride for the day
Luckily the BASE day was postponed to saturday and I was able to fly up to Gudvangen exit point and film there! I was up on the lip of the cliff all day and watched all the jumpers have sweet jumps! Jokke busted out 2 sick lines one left and the last to the right buzzing the cliff and trees on the way down with his buddy Tom. From here we flew back to Voss in time to gear up for Prize giving where Sam and Toni won their head to head races and I got a sweet new Gopro for best film.
- Teams race prize giving
Next up was Fat Freddies Drop in concert and the rest is history! What an epic week of filming and hanging out with awesome people! So inspired by all the sick athletes out there doing what they love! Stay tuned for more updates as the film is coming together fast now! Stoked on all the support from people who have made this film happen so far! Big things on the horizon!
- Team Gopro on take-off - Such nice guys!!
- Jokke checking his wingsuit
- Base day 1 - Most chill people I've met!
-Brothers Sutton at the teams race

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