Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Vail Mountain Games training

-Downtown Vail - Photo Ron Fischer

Sweet so we are up here in Vail, Colorado after a sick mission to Quebec and a 3700km drive across USA to a small but nice Ski town. We arrived and met up with Ron and went to check out the race run at Homestake Creek about 10 minutes from downtown Vail! So the deal is stay upright, stay straight and wear as much body protection as possible! The run is short and tight with about 3cubic meters of water going down it!
We have done a few practice runs so far and its hard! Also because we are at 9000 feet above sea level, breathing becomes a bit hard and by the end of the 2-3minute run you are stuffed!
So here are a few shots from the paractice and will have more of an update as the races begin!

-Josh Neilson, Homestake creek race training - Photo Anna Bruno

-Josh Neilson, Cold and tired in the mank - Photo Anna Bruno

-Sam Sutton avoiding the rock right in the middle of the drop! - Photo Anna Bruno

-Ron Fischer getting in some practice - Photo Anna Bruno

-Sam Sutton in amongst the rocks! - Photo Anna Bruno

- Relaxing at the flashest hotel ive ever been in! Cheers Ron - Photo Ron Fischer

-Lou Urwin dropping into the gnar - Photo Anna Bruno

- One of the nicer drops in the race - Photo Anna Bruno

- An old mining town below the race run on Gilmans Gorge - Photo Ron Fischer

Thanks for the photos from Anna Bruno and Ron Fischer

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