Saturday, February 7, 2009

Summer fun

Central Plateau - Photo Sophie Hoskins

Kayaker - Tyler Fox, Filmer - Josh Neilson, Photo - Sophie Hoskins

Soph tucking in - Photo Tyler, Lou or Brendan???

So summer back in NZ has been pretty dry on the kayaking side of things but I have managed to get out a bit. After returning from Nepal I have been tied up doing the new film due out in April. I have spent a bit of time at the Kaituna and thats about it. My days are taken up working on the farm and getting $ for the next mission. I did get away for one weekend to go run a waterfall but on the friday night while out wakeboarding I tore something in the back of my shoulder!

Sam going for the Forward flip - Photo Josh Neilson

Nothing major but just a pain in the neck as the saying goes!
So the next day we headed out to run the waterfall we were planning on doing but i had to hold the camera instead.

Brendan lining up for the Manu! - Photo Sophie Hoskins

With low flows the guys decided it was too low to run so opted for the jump and headed to Tawhai Falls to test out the prototype for a camera system we are building..... Proto 1 is back to the drawing board but im happy to say the new model is SICK and going to make for some sick new shots!

Sam running the falls and Me filming while falling - Photo Tyler Fox

So that was the weekend of kayaking as the sunday we spent on the lake while the others wakeboarded I rowed round in the dingy and then came home!
Stay tuned for some more kayaking coming soon and the Nepal trailer! still coming just had internet troubles and it wouldnt upload!

Tyler Fox Happy - Photo Sophie Hoskins

Brendan Bayly SAD, Broken! Photo - Soph i think!

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