Thursday, December 4, 2008

Nepali Girls Expedition part 1

The crew at lunch one day at a nice waterfall - Photo Josh Neilson

Firstly i have to say that everyone is safe and made it down the 10 day section of the Sun Kosi River. We started in Kathmandu early morning loading up the Rickshaws and making our way through the streets before light to the bus stop. Once on the bus we had 2 and a half hours East to the put in at a small village called Sukute. Almost in Sukute we were stopped by a road block. The reason we were not able to leave a few days earlier was due to this road block and the information we had was it was now open. The next few hours we shuttled our gear to the put in by foot. By dark the road was opened and everything was set.
We spent 2 days at the put in sorting gear and the kiwi girls got into some teaching. On the 16th the rest of the crew arrived and met the kiwi girls. The crew was now set and 40 people hurried round the beach getting their gear on the gear rafts and packing their own kayaks.
Day 1 on the river was short due to a late start and we made it to a small beach just on dark. Everyone was put into groups so that tasks on the river and at camp would be much easier. I was in Sophies group and our first job was fod on day 2. At 5am we were both woken by what we though was a alarm clock. Feeling very much awake we both got up. To our supprise this was not an alarm but the sound of a flute in a vilage high on the ridge above us. This really set the tone for soph and I on this trip. Day 2 was an early start and a long day on the river trying to make up from the day before.

Colourfull crew! - photo Josh Neilson

Our days consisted of -
6am-ish wake up
7am- yoga
8am breakfast
9-10am on the water
1pm - Lunch
4.30ish take off
5pm set camp and prepare dinner
7-9pm dinner
9-10 bed

Susmita, Nepals first woman kayaker - photo Anna Bruno

Ill keep the updates on how the trip went to a few days at a time so that people can read and see it unfold rather than loking at the pictures and discarding the words.
In a few days there will be more on how the girls go in the water and how things unfold as the trip gets deeper into the 280kms of whitewater and Nepali wilderness.

Sita, Nepals Second woman kayaker - Photo Anna Bruno

Hester from NZ and Sambhovi from Nepal - Photo Anna Bruno

The biggest smiler of the trip! photo Anna Bruno

Kiwi Girls never without energy! - Photo Josh Neilson


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