Friday, May 23, 2008

California dreaming again

Well i have been a bit slack on the blog updates but its just because i have been on the road and kayaking some real beauties and catchin up with mates here in the amazing USA. I rolled in on 4th may and spent a week with my bro showing him the place before he headed out to vermont to work at camp USA. We partied hard, saw bears up near lake tahoe and went rafting a few times! it was great!
So jesse left on sunday and i hooked up with justin pat and headed for a bomb run down the upper south yuba on th east meets west section. a wake up call from havin a few months off hard kayaking back to running blind class 5!

Evan Garcia coming out of east meets west drop

A couple of days later Evan Garcia made the 14hr drive from Montana to meet us for a mission to the South Branch of the Middle Fork of the Feather river. It was sick! A play park of waterfalls and good times with the crew.

Evan monkey boofin the split falls early on day 1

Evan Garcia on the auto boof below split falls

Justin lining up the gap in the rocks on the big one!

top angle of the Nashiki falls on justins second run. (photo by grant korgan)

Josh Neilson on the 50 before the take out! (photo Evan Garcia)

EG rolling off the 50 (Photo Grant Korgan)

Back in orovile we passed little ceasars pizza and got into some $5 hot and ready pizza before heading for Big Kimshew creek. Sore bodies all round but the water was high and we were all keen to see what was in store. Straight into the action and didnt stop all day! Justin knew the run so we didnt stop for much! bombing down some classic whitewater. We got some good footage and a few sick photos.

Josh Neilson taking it down in Big Kimshew Falls (photo Justin Pat)

EG moments before blood on Kimshew falls (photo Grant Korgan

Evan took a hit to the face off big kimshew falls with a good amount of blood and Corey broke his paddle on in a minute later! i was happy fly off it clean but took a big hit to the elbow on the very next rapid! With elbow pads on i still managed to draw blood.

EG on the trippler! (photo by Grant Korgan)

EG rolling off the lip of Frenchys Falls

Justin melting the bottom of Frenchys

EG on the take out drop

After this we headed back to coloma and attempted lovers leap section on South American where i hiked out with a bad shoulder from tendinitis or something so i drove shuttle. Then we headed back down for more sth branch of middle feather and Kimshew.
The plan from here was to hit royal gorge today but its snowing at the putin so we opted out. Dinky creek is the mission now then NORWAY on wednesday! YEAH BOI!

see ya soon

Sorry for the quality of the photos apart from grants ones, All others were shot by me on my video camera and are just still frames from the video. Film coming soon.

Cheers go out to everyone on these missions, GOOD PEOPLE!

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