Saturday, June 9, 2007

East kaweah-Middle kaweah-South silver-Golden gate-Fantasy falls-Lower cherry-West cherry-Upper cherry

Since the last post on here we met up with Evan Garcia and have been tripping round in a nice Subaru Outback and running a bunch of cool creeks.

-Crusing in the Subi

-Me about 10 seconds before Sam hits me in the back of the head with his boat

-Broken finger

-Right after Sam hits me

-Put in for Fantasy falls

We heard word of Fantasy falls section on the Mokelumne river so we headed there for a 3 day mission. The first day is a bunch of manky class 4 then the second day we spent 8 hours blasting down some nicer class 4-5 stuff. Then the last day saw us firing off some cool slides and drops including 'Fantasy falls'.

-B running Fantasy falls

-Me on Fantasy falls

-Camp 2 on Fantasy falls

That day ended with a 4 mile paddle upwind up a lake.
On the way home we heard that the Cherry creek drainages would be on soon. So we packed up the car and headed down to Grooveland. We checked the flows and decided to hit West cherry.

-Me running 'charly beavers drop' on west cherry

With a lot of bad directions and one failed attempt at walking in at the wrong place we finally made it to the put on after a few hours of walking. We spent the night there and paddled out the next day. A super steep and committing run with big drops and big portages. We got this run in at a high flow and it was amazing. At the confluence with main upper cherry creek we were able to see that it was still too high for that section so decided to run the lower cherry run on the Tuolumne river which was running at a huge flow and was good fun class 4+ big water boating.
The next day we headed back down to run the east fork of the kaweah. After 4 hours of driving we pulled out our sleeping bags and thermarests and slept on the side of the road at the put in.
With a slightly lower flow than last time Sam was able to fire up a rapid called 'sky hook'.

-Sam in the crack on 'Skyhook'

-Me running triple drop on East Kaweah

-Random drop on East kaweah

Evan and I decided to give that one a miss after Sam was not able to make the line we had chosen and ended up riding the crack out, with a few hard hits.
We then headed back to Groovetown and met up with nick boyes and went into West branch of cherry creek again. This time with no wrong turns and a 56minuate walk in we camped at the put in on the river.

-Early slide on west cherry

-Double drop on West cherry

The next day we put on early and headed down the river. With a lower flow than last time we were able to attempt a 35foot pothole waterfall. It was still a super committing line as it had a 50meter lead in through some big holes and drops and then the exit to the drop leaves about a 30% chance of exit and 70%chance of getting stuck in the pothole at the bottom of the falls. Sam stuck his line and was super stoked. Evan called second and unfortunatly found himself in the cave. With a pre set saftey plan i was able to get a rope down into the pothole cave and he attached it to his jacket. the next rope went on his boat and Sam and I were able to vertically extract him and his kayak out of the cave behind the falls and back to dry land.
Two rapids down from here we came to a two tiered sliding drop. I entered the rapid a little far left with too much right angle. As i came off the first tier and connected with the second i pitoned really hard. My whole body was thrown forward and my paddle hit my deck and my head connected with the paddle. This resulted in a broken nose and concussion along with a very dented kayak. Unable to kayak out Myself and 2 others hiked a few hours out to the road.

-B running the drop i broke my nose on

-Me and my broken boat and nose and very messed up

-Me a week after breaking my nose

The next day B, Nick and sam went and retrieved our kayaks.
Unfortunatly while we were gone 3 of our teams kayaks were stolen from grovetown right before we had planned to hike into Upper cherry creek. As brendan missed Upper cherry last year and i was able to get it I decided i would give him my kayak and gear for him to get it this year. Me and Nick both without kayaks loaded up our packs and hiked in to meet the crew in the middle gorge.

-Sam running 'Gorilla slide, Upper cherry

Late that night the boys rocked up with no kayaks and very cold. They had been snowed on and decided to paddle the rest of the way to camp in the morning.

-Early morning at 'flinstone camp'

-Lots of cold paddlers ariving at our camp

With the river level dropping i was able to hike over a few domes and paddle the crux gorge on the run after brendan had come through. Cherry bomb gorge runs through two huge domes out to a nice lake.

-Me running Cherry Bomb

-Nick running 'perfect 2o'

-B on double pothole

-Sam on double pothole

That night we moved downstream a bit below a rapid called 'Dead Bear'.

-Sam on 'Dead bear'

-B running dead bear

The next morning Nick and I hiked out and the boys paddled to cherry lake.
We are now back in coloma having a break and letting the nose mend before heading back down to upper cherry again or hells kitchen on the stanaslaus river this week.

-After trip 'Jack in in the box' FAST FOOD!!!


NZ_Fulla said...

Howdy Josh. You people are stepping up. I'm hoping i'll be well into grade 4 by the end of the year. Just got a whole heap of new gear and the boss is keen to do a few runs with me. By the way, i have to say thank you to you for the use of your Riot paddle, Kurt and i went and picked it up a few weeks back as i was waiting for my new paddle to arrive. we'll all have to do a few missions when you get back to the Bay.
Catch Ya

Anonymous said...

Man, I am loving the photos, you guys are getting some sick shots!! its awesome! I always get a little jelous when I read your blog but hey I think you guys have got bigger balls than i could ever get with what your paddling. Bummer on the nose and pinched boats and stuff. Peace and take care

Tabea said...

Hi Josh!

Do you remember me? I was staying with Jody for a couple of months. I've got a blog with blogspot too.
I got to your blog and was pretty impressed from your adventures.
I hope you feel better now, after having had this accident.
I'm flying back to NZ very soon!!! I'm very excited to go back!

Would be nice to hear from you!
My E-mail:

Take care,

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