Friday, May 11, 2007


Josh Neilson- 2007 World Champs- Buseater- Ottawa river

Internet has been down for a while now and the world champs is over. Since then A crew of 10 Kiwis loaded up 2 big vans and went on a road trip to niagra Falls and crossed into USA and headed back up to montreal where we have been checking out the city and surfing the waves at lachine on the st Laurence river.

-Competition site

So the worlds was Last week now and was a super happy day for me! i was in heat 5 along with fellow kiwi Sam sutton and a bunch of other people from round the world. My first 3 rides were ok with a few good moves but flushing off the wave soon after. My final wave was such a cool feeling.

-The Tow In

I grapped the tow rope and could hear everyone screaming from the bank next to me. As soon as the Rope tightens you must rail the kayak to the Left and hold on tight! The tension on the rope swings you out into the middle of the river and when you feel yourself dropping into the pit of the wave you let go and your time starts. My final ride consisted of 'Air blunts' both sides a couple of big 'Pan-am's' some spins and a front flip. It was not enough to forward me to the semi finals but was enough to make me have the biggest smile on my face! I was so stoked to be there!

-The Tow in

-Josh Neilson- Ride 4- Pan-am

-Josh Neilson

The next 2 days saw the juniors and women compete and then all the finals on the last day! It was amazing to watch some of the top kayakers pull off moves that freestyle competitions have never seen before!
The world champs at 'Buseater' wave on the ottawa river has changed the bench mark for freestyle kayaking and i was so happy to be part of it!

-Red Bull jetski- Brooks getting some air

Pedro-Team Brazil meeting the Red Bull Girls. Classic Dude!

THANK YOU to everyone who has helped me get here and represent NZ at this event. Also thanks for checking out my blog along the way and the ongoing emails!

-Getting Air in the New Specialist

For now it is off to ottawa airport where i will sleep the night before flying to California for some more steep creeking and hot summer days!
keep an eye out on here for updates on the rest of the trip!

-Bliss-stick kayaks
-KEEN footwear
-Canoe and Kayak New Zealand
-everyone who supported my Kayak film show and the Malaria clinic!


Cal said...

Hey Bro

Looks like your going hard over there.
Those are some sick pics.
Take it easy.


Mats said...

Hey Josh

Hope ur having a great time in Cali! Awesome to get to hang out with u guys again at the worlds.
Im back in sweden now nut if off on a roadtrip up north to moro, should be good.

Could u please email me that picture from the comp ?
Here my email.

Safe paddling!