Monday, December 11, 2006

World cup in Ottawa

In sept of this year we tried out the serious side of kayaking in the world cup. While we were not there to win we still had a blast and met heaps of cool people. We also got to mish out to Montreal and surf the big waves on the Lachine Rapids of the St Laurence River.

We caught up with Sam, Nik and Sean who were over there for the junior NZ team and watched them carve it up in the junior Grade with Sam comming in at 2nd place almost missing his semi final.

We went on a crazy mission out to Montreal in Louise's car which due to the salt on the roads had a nice rusted out chassis which completely snapped and we were forced to turn around and drive back to Ottawa.

Everyone filming a last message in case we loose the wheel and the car falls apart

Yep the chassis is snapped and we might loose the back wheel on the 100km freeway home! yepeee

Celebration that we were about to travel 100km on the freeway and possible loose the back wheel and crash!

Confused crew with a car wheel only just holding on in a french speaking state about 100km from home. We drew sticks to see who would sit in the suicide seat above the broken chassis and temperamental back left wheel.

Blunt on Garb

Sam here sporting a lovely custom HZG (Huck Ze Gnar) beanie

Here is one of the HZG sweatshop workers producing some fine sports wear

After the competition and a bit of a party brendan and I headed off to uganda and left the young boys to head off to the rest of the world cup.
Sam went on to take an overall 3rd and the two other boys tied for 10th place in the juniors
Keep an eye out for them at the 2007 world champs on Bus eater wave in ottawa in a few months!!!