Saturday, October 25, 2008

Red Bull Reel Life film entry - subsistence

Here is my entry that i made at the last mintue for this film comp! cheers for everyone who voted and helped me win a year suply of red bull and a fridge! Chur

Friday, October 24, 2008

Off to Nepal

So far this year i have had high hopes for big kayaking missions but with a shoulder unable for such excursions I have had to modify my plans to keep the excitement up and keep on the road. In Cali this year i did something to my shoulder which gave me troubles throught the season there and in Norway. Back in NZ i was attending Physios and Dr's to try figure out the problem. With my time occupied by this working was not really a possibility. I decided to take some time off to sort it and get into another film project. With all that over i was ready to get into it. But my Wisdom teeth got infected and then had to be taken out. This was another 3 weeks off which really did not do good on the bank account. With the Uncertainty of my shoulder and fast deminishing Bank account I was forced to pull the pin on joining EG and others on a sick mission in Chile! This was a super hard decision to make but it was the only option.
Then as i buzzed over my budgets and posible work money for the next month it dawned on me that joining a bunch of wicked girls on the 'Nepali Girls Kayak Expedition' as a videographer could just about work. I made the appropriate phone calls to everyone and then one to Sweden with the guy who would be making a tv doco for the trip to see if I could help him out as well as make my own film for the trip. All was good and the next day I was equipt with a very expensive piece of paper saying i was on my way to Nepal.
I wil be joining the girls to tell their story from 11th november till 22nd December and will use the footage as part of my Film shows around New Zealand next year.
I will be posting updates on how the trip is going on here over the trip so keep an eye out. I will hopefully be meeting up with a few mates from round the work for a bit of personal boating too which should be sick! I have been keeping an eye on Will Clarks Blog on his trip there so will hopefully get on the River with him. I spent 6 weeks in Thailand with Will this time last year.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Red Bull Reel Life is over

I would like to thank everyone who followed the links I sent out to go and watch my film that I entered in the Red Bull Reel Life Film Competition.
I had a lot of fun making the film and have many more ides to come. The voting was done by every time someone watched a film it received 1 vote. By the end of the week mine along with 9 other films receive a year supply of Red Bull and a Red Bull fridge. The Main Prize is still to be decided but will update you when this happens.
I will have the film on this site in a few days so everyone who had difficulty watching it during the competition will be able to check it out.
Cheers everyone!

To see the film now and other films check out

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Click this picture! cheers

A few weeks ago I saw a link to 'RED BULL REEL LIFE' 5 week film competition and decided to check it out. I decided to give it a go and make a film that i have thought about making for a while. I got out my camera and went to work on the idea and within a few days I had most of the material needed but just needed music and a few shots to get it in order. RB came through with some music and the last shot were filmed within a week of the due date. This was a 5 week competition but I only heard about it at the end of week 2 so only had 3 weeks to get it done.
This is my idea and I hope you enjoy it. My film is called 'Subsistence' and can be viewed on the Red Bull Reel Life web site so click on the link and check it out!
Cheers everyone!