Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2011 Paddle Sports Awards

Last issue of Cumec Magazine held the 2011 Paddle Sports Awards. The different categories were announced and people, sites, groups and businesses were nominated for each award. Once all the nominations were in it was half open for public judging and then the other half was judged by a panel selected by Cumec Magazine. The paddle sports scene down here is still relatively small but it was cool to win a few of the categories.
The First win was for 'Blog of the year' - This blog has been a way for me to share my adventures with family and friends and I'm stoked that people out there enjoy reading and using it to find other stories linked on the side of my blog!

The next award was for 'Photo of the year' - Now I have seen a lot more awesome photos throughout the year from other blogs etc and possibly they didnt know about the awards or didnt have time to send them in but regardless I'm stoked to have this shot of Tyler Fox in there! This river is one very unique river in the North Island and I missed it due to injury but meant I could get this shot! I cant wait to get in there this spring!

During 2010 I was stoked to go back to Thailand and explore more amazing whitewater! I was joined by Tyler Fox, Louise Urwin and Toni George and we ticked off some sweet first descents and returned to a number of runs that we discovered in 2007. Logistics were relatively easy, the food was great and the whitewater was great again and we are stoked to share the 'Expedition or Adventure of the year' award with the Papua New Guinea Expedition.

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