Monday, September 12, 2011

Wednesday's Todays Video - Voss Extreme Sports Veko

During the last week of June Voss, Norway is host to the most exciting and fun Extreme sports events I have ever been to. It has it all! From art shows to Music and not to forget the amazing display of sports and the top athletes in every field. This year I was up there filming Mike Abbott for the Kayak segment to my film and Jokke Sommer for the Base segment and while I was there I got the job of editing the 'Todays Video' for the kayaking. I had a great team of paddlers to work with and we were able to shoot a bunch of cool edits to show what kayaking had to offer! Over the next while I will post the days videos. I am starting with Wednesday as this was one of my favorites!
Cheers and Enjoy!

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